Sabine Falk-Bartz


Sabine Falk-Bartz is a television journalist and works in the study course as professional partner for PR and cooperation; she oversees journalistic projects on a regular basis. She is the connection between lecturers and conference organizations. She was a major influence in developing the conference brochures for the Think CROSS – Change MEDIA 2012 and 2014.

Armgard von Bonin


Armgard von Bonin is the woman in charge of all questions concerning with organizing and is also the main student advisor. For this conference she is the person helping with registration, prove of payment and certification as continuing education event.

Björn Stockleben


The content of the conference is designed by

Ilona Wuschig (director of the program),
Björn Stockleben (course coordinator management) and
Christine Goutrié (director of the program).


Prof. Dr. Ilona Wuschig
Prof. Dr. Christine Goutrié