Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

The Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk is the broadcaster for the countries Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen. It is a member of the ARD following the principals of media interconnection of local content, relevance of content, national reputation as well as strengthening the ARD, KIKA and social activities with context and competency. The broadcaster Sachsen-Anhalt has been a partner of TCCM since the beginning and is seen amongst the main department MDR with huge potential for innovation.

Video production: Student project about the fundamentals of media reporting 2014 in MA Cross Media

National Office for Political Education Sachsen-Anhalt

The National Office for Political Education Sachsen-Anhalt orients its work according to political, economical and technical changes in the past and present. The most crucial role of this medium comes after dramatic changes have occurred in politics or economy and motivate the general population to take autonomous actions. The offers by the ZPB are marked with functional independency and diversity of opinions. Included are politics, science or disputes within the population and their controversy – democracy is one of the online subjects. 

Video production: Student project about the fundamentals of media reporting 2014 in MA Cross Media

University of Applied Sciences of Anhalt

Seven departments in 3 locations: People who study at the University of Applied Sciences of Anhalt are well prepared for their career by studying innovation, engineering science, arts, technology, natural science and economical studies. Project activities about the learned content, international internship semesters, and final papers are the norm; studied theories are applied to real life directly after. The latest teaching methods and E-learning, small study groups, excellent research and networking offer the best chances for a successful start in the career no matter if on a national or international basis.

Successful application and transfer oriented research projects all over central Germany. And, because of our well established network it is possible for us to implement such research in small to medium sized companies. The Think CROSS – Change MEDIA Master Program for Online Communication from Bernburg will be again our cooperating partner this year.


The history of the Media Group Magdeburg begins over a century ago. In the early 1990´s a independent printing plant and publisher developed to an flourishing business with additional business segments- the Magdeburg Publisher and Print Pplant GmbH (MVD). The head office of the MVD is in Magdeburg and is a part of Bauer Media Group since 1991. Together with the other companys of the media group Magdeburg the MVD employs over 1000 persons.

Core product of the MVD is the daily paper Volksstimme with a current total circulation of 178.745 units including the e-paper and a total of 463.000 reader (MA 2015). The Volksstimme is published in 18 different local editions.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung is the biggest local newspaper in south Sachsen-Anhalt. Its Headquarter is located in the city of Halle and with 17 local editions this newspaper has more then half a million readers per day. Regional themes are a big part of the newspaper and no other media channel has so much content on local themes. Doing that the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung is not only using the print media, but also social networks where it interacts with its readers. It also has national news part which has a very high standart.Together with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and Berliner Zeitung the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung is part of th DuMont Mediagroup which is one of the biggest Mediagroups of Germany. The core buisness of this Cologne family business is high quality journalism for daily publishing in paper and online.

Net Pilots

The Net Pilots are known as an independent magazine from the heart of the digital scene since 1998. What began first as a platform for editorial Internet-explanation trips, developed itself to this day into a famous magazine made by over 200 bloggers, journalists and authors.
The mission: Show you the most exciting from the areas of Social Media, mobile, Lifestyle, interviews, link tips and technology. We think about the digital change and its influence on our daily life. - Always processes without Tech arrogance, but with foresight and easy understandably!